FI CH RU CH FIJW-06 Yellowmellow Weatherman  


Veeti is an apricot miniature poodle. Veeti was born on the 4.2.2006 in Espoo in Yellowmellow kennel. Veeti's mom is Yellowmellow Princess Leia and father of Hannelhill Vito. Veeti's name in register is Yellowmellow Weatherman. Veeti is brave and calm by his nature and he's proudly mother's little boy.













Veeti came to us on the 2nd of April 2006. At the first time we saw Veeti two weeks before that. We had planned to buy a dog for at least one year. Tiina had dreamed of a dog for nearly 50 years! First we had a reservation for a grey poodle, but the breeder didn't want to sell it to us, because we had hedgehogs and because we lived at a house. We were extremely lucky to get Veeti that is just a perfect dog for us.


Health Results
Date   Result
 14.5.2007  eyes No PRA-, HC- or RD-changes
 14.5.2007  knees/patellas 0/0
   PRA Prcd Healthy(healthy parents)
 24.11.2008    Hips HD (X-ray) A/A
 24.11.2008 Elbows ED (X-ray)    0/0

Dog Show Achievements 

Russian Champion
Finnish Champion 
Finnish Junior Winner 06
2 x BOB
2 x BOS
1 x BOS in Russia
5 x CAC
1 x CAC in Russia
1 x Res-CACIB
7 x Res-CAC
1 x BOB-Puppy