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Ville is a grey miniature poodle (medium size, caniche moyen). Ville was born on the 9th of February 2007 also in Espoo in the Yellowmellow kennel. Ville's mom is Yellowmellow Aurora and father is Vicsecretcompliment Sidabrine Kulka. Ville is registered by the name Yellowmellow Velvet Touch. Ville is lively dog and loves hugging.












Ville visited us at the first time on April 2007. Ville was to move to Pohjanmaa, but the family canceled the reservation. So they made us very, very happy! Ville moved to our house and became a member of our family on the first of May 2007.

Ville's offspring
















Health Results
Date   Result
 27.4.2008  eyes No HC-or PRA- or RD-changes
 27.4.2008  knees/ patellas   0/0
   PRA Prcd Healthy (healthy parents)
13.11.2009    Hips (X-ray) D/D
13.11.2009 Elbows (X-ray) 0/0


Dog Show Achievements

3 x BOB 
3 x CAC
1 x CAC in Russia
1 x Res-CACIB
2 x Res-CAC
1 x BOB-Puppy 

Ville's show results

Ville in KoiraNet