Pet hedgehogs 

Three different species of hedgehogs are kept as pets in Finland. These are an african pygmy hedgehog, an egyptian long-eared hedgehog and an indian long-eared hedgehog. We have had all these three species also at our home as pets. So far we have had eleven hedgehogs, but at the moment we are living without hedgies.

A hedgehog is an insectivore. This nutrition is essential for hedgehog also as pet. A hedgehog can also eat cat food, minced meat, vedgetables and milk products without lactose. And ofcourse hedgehog needs also something to drink and water is a best choice.

A hedgehog needs a large living space, at least two square meters. A running wheel, diameter about 40 cm, is a favourite for many hedgies. Hiding places and climbing facilities are also needed.

Our hedgehogs

In memoriam