FI CH Backseat Driver's Elendilmir Curro

Curro is a white dwarf poodle. Curro's mom is Backseat Driver's Bellona and father Magocstar Love On Puymeras. Curro came us from Iittala with Lelle at the day when Jari had his 50th birthday on the 5th of July 2009. Curro is Jari's dog and the best present ever.



Curro is lively and headstrong by nature. Curro loves to be close to people and loves kisses.

Health Results

 Date Target               Result            
23.2.2010    PRA Prcd Carrier
24.8.2010 Eyes Healthy, no HC-, PRA- or RD-changes
22.9.2010 Knees/Patellas    0/0


















Dog Show Results

1 x BOB-Puppy
1 x BOS
3 x CAC
2 x Res CAC

Curro's dog shows 

Curro in Finnish Dog Net